The Book Cooking Club – Whistleblowers

We are starting a series of reading recommendations focusing on white collar crime.

Whether you are an avid reader of true crime stories or a compliance geek, we hope you will enjoy our weekly selection.

This week, we are presenting a selection of 5 books written by whistleblowers:


  • Extraordinary Circumstances, by Cynthia Cooper, on Worldcom
  • Power Failure, by Sherron Watkins, on Enron
  • No One Would Listen, by Harry Markopolos, on Madoff
  • Exposure, by Michael Woodford, on Olympus
  • Thicker Than Water, by Tyler Shultz, on Theranos

These stories are all well told and read like thrillers. From the junior recruit (Shultz) to the CEO (Woodford), they all describe a transformational confrontation between an individual and a corporate machinery. The grit and determination of these authors is truly inspiring.