How to be “investigation-ready”

How do you become investigation-ready?

Most organizations don’t have a pre-approved process to conduct investigations. Consciously or not, they act like the risk of having to conduct an investigation is so remote and so immaterial that they do not need to mitigate it.

This approach significantly impairs an organization’s resilience to misconduct or integrity failures.

If you never plan or rehearse your reaction to fire in your building, you expose your organization to a significant risk of harm to people, property and reputation by improvising an evacuation.

In the same way, if you are not prepared to adequately investigate misconducts in your organization, you will increase the exposure to non-compliance and disruption when a misconduct is brought to your attention.

An investigation plan does not have to be complex or sophisticated. It just has to be pre-defined in order to minimize the level of improvisation.

In this video, we present the five features that a robust investigation plan should incorporate :

#1 – Legitimacy
#2 – Risk-based
#3 – Whistleblower protection
#4 – Fairness
#5 – Formalization

We believe that a pre-defined investigation process that would incorporate these 5 features would adequately mitigate the risk of harmful improvisation.

The bad news is that such process needs to be tailored to your organization and cannot be based on a template or generated by Chat GPT.

The good news is that it would only take a few days of interviews and internal reviews to put it together in your organization.